Prima Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  • 500mL bottle
  • 100% Australian
  • First cold pressed
  • Ideal, healthy oil for everyday use in salads, dipping, baking, roasting and frying.

Cockatoo Grove Prima is 100% Australian extra virgin olive oil from the first cold pressing.

Olives are harvested when perfectly ripe and crushed within hours to maximise flavour and the health benefits of antioxidants found naturally in high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Ideal for everyday dipping, drizzling, pan frying and baking. Prima has a fresh, fruity flavour and a well-balanced, peppery finish.

Our family have been committed to the development of the Australian extra virgin olive oil industry since 1996. With a passion for quality, flavour and good health for you and your family, we are delighted to bring you Cockatoo Grove Prima

Available in 500mL bottle.